Whether your sales team want to become more confident presenters, or you want to tackle imposter syndrome for a more productive workforce, we've created some awesome workshops for businesses and organisations to help develop human capital.


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Our coached development programme designed to assist sales and marketing teams present with authenticity, intent, and credibility. Delivered as half day workshops for groups of no more than 10 people  culminating in a celebration event designed to showcase the participants newly developed skills and confidence. Delivered virtually or face to face.


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Session One:


with Power

Day one focuses on interactive self-reflection, vocal and mental preparation, mastering your voice and enriched language. 

Session Two:

Present with


Day two explores building empathy with your audience to create impact, storytelling, creating powerful visuals to deliver flawless presentations.

Session Three:

Own the Room

(or Zoom)

Day three tackles common issues like stage fright and imposter syndrome to help you hone your skills, manage your nerves, and own the space you're in.

Session Four:

Take the


The final day mixes peer-to-peer coaching and live presentations to crystallise participants learning by putting the theory in to practice.


An immersive and interactive workshop delivered virtually over two half day sessions. The Professional Wobble is the feeling of unworthiness for a goal or accomplishment or title, and is a toxic mind-set that can sabotage some of the most high-performing individuals. Almost everyone experiences a professional wobble at some point - this programme helps you understand what causes it and how to deal with it!


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Session One:

Understanding Professional Wobbles

This first session explores where were professional wobbles comes from and offers some tools to consider in combating them.

Session Two:

Managing Professional Wobbles 

The second session focuses on putting your learning in to practice and develop your knowledge further.


Delivered virtually over two half day sessions Grow Your Authenticity is an interactive workshop designed to help you develop your personal brand, be more resilient, boost your confidence and become genuinely authentic. This workshop is perfect for those working in sales and marketing or for people taking their next steps from education to employment. 


Prices starting from:


Session One:

Personal Brand
& Developing 


How do people remember you? What would you like them to say about you when you're out of the room? This session explores your personal brand and how to be more resilient.

Session Two:

Confidence Boosts & Authenticity

Do you want to feel more confident in stressful situations? What's the link between confidence and authenticity? This session will help you answer those questions and more!