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We are, and always will be, incredibly proud to support the incredible work that TEDxBrayfordPool does to showcase Lincoln(shire) as a centre for new knowledge by sharing "ideas worth spreading" with the world. We're really pleased that you chose to join us for our workshop as part of this year's flagship TEDxBrayfordPool event: Into Tomorrow

THIS workshop

is for you if:

you want to:

  • See yourself and others more clearly.

  • Develop new ways to respond.

  • Rekindle your dreams.

  • Have an influential voice to win more business.

  • Leverage your existing skills.

  • Build positive productive relationships.

  • Achieve what you want.

  • Be more confident in a crowd.

  • Harness what motivates you.

  • Live in a more creative, abundant world.

you’re feeling:

  • Stuck in a rut.

  • You've lost your mojo.

  • Ignored, with everyone else hogging the spotlight.

  • Overlooked, always missing out on opportunities.

  • At a crossroads.

  • Stressed out, burnt out, overwhelmed and un-motivated.

  • Frustrated with your current situation, and you may not know what to do to change it.

  • A lack of confidence and struggling to break through limiting self-beliefs.

  • Paralysed by procrastination and indecision.

  • Confused by well-meaning advice from everyone around you.

WHY 3Di?

Facing the future head-on! 

These unprecedented times have given us all an unexpected opportunity to reevaluate what really matters to us. Some of us have relished in isolation developing new passions and hobbies. Some of us have felt overwhelmed and, as life begins to return to some semblance of "normal", are missing our  mojo. Whether you feel nourished or knackered, chances are you've realised things need to change in order to thrive in the world of "business unusual".


where's YOUR


Today's workshop uses two great exercises to help you figure out where's your head at as we head Into Tomorrow. We'll be helping you map what's important to you now so you can see where you're spending your energy, and we'll help you really hone in on the values that are driving you towards a new, bright future. 


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