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Let's face it, wherever you are in the world, lockdown has put a stop to everyone's natural growth and progression. How do we get our mojo back? What happens when we emerge from our lockdown cocoons into a world much like the one we knew, but now subtly different? The future we'll inhabit will be a place of "business unusual" rather than business as usual, so how do we conquer our fears and find our places in this brave new world?



Work with us if

you want to:

  • See yourself and others more clearly.

  • Develop new ways to respond.

  • Rekindle your dreams.

  • Have an influential voice to win more business.

  • Leverage your existing skills.

  • Build positive productive relationships.

  • Achieve what you want.

  • Be more confident in a crowd.

  • Harness what motivates you.

  • Live in a more creative, abundant world.

Work with us if you’re feeling:

  • Stuck in a rut.

  • You've lost your mojo.

  • Ignored, with everyone else hogging the spotlight.

  • Overlooked, always missing out on opportunities.

  • At a crossroads.

  • Stressed out, burnt out, overwhelmed and un-motivated.

  • Frustrated with your current situation, and you may not know what to do to change it.

  • A lack of confidence and struggling to break through limiting self-beliefs.

  • Paralysed by procrastination and indecision.

  • Confused by well-meaning advice from everyone around you.

WHY 3Di?

SIX MONTHS, three coaches,

one unmissable opportunity:

These unprecedented times have given us all an unexpected opportunity to reevaluate what really matters to us. Some of us have relished in isolation developing new passions and hobbies. Some of us have felt overwhelmed and, as life begins to return to some semblance of "normal", are missing our  mojo. Whether you feel nourished or knackered, chances are you've realised things need to change in order to thrive in the world of "business unusual".



Our six month group coaching led personal development programme is designed to help you find your place in the new normal. Whether you're capitalising on something you love in order to finally make the jump to being your own boss, figuring out your side hustle or wanting to see yourself in a new light our tailored one to one support and 90 minute group coaching sessions will help you create a map to your unlocked future. 

Six Month Group

Coaching Programme:

01New Vision

& Achievable Goals: 

Create the vision and goals for what you want to achieve throughout the programme and beyond.


& Abundance Theory:

Explore your innate creativity and visualise a world of abundance where anything is possible.


& Activations

Create habits that allow you to let go of inhibitions and limiting self-beliefs to activate your goals.

04Self Leadership

Positive Relationships:

Discover how to lead from the heart and create more positive relationships in your life.


& Authenticity

Find your authentic voice and build confidence in sharing it with the world.

06Core Identity

& Personal Brand

Consolidate your core identity and develop your personal brand.


Expert Guests

Additional content with some of

our exclusive friends 

Monthly 60 minute One to One virtual coaching sessions

With an available coach.

Peer to peer support

Exclusive virtual network opportunities

The Potential Unlocked

Learning Cloud

Your personal development map to the future you.


One payment of

Six monthly payments of





Ready to start your journey?

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