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Image by Harry Cunningham


Right now, more than ever before, how we present ourselves and communicate within a digital space can be far-reaching and so important. To consider our first impressions online has become essential for the development of our relationships.


How can we establish and develop substantial and credible relationships online? What does happen in our brains when we meet someone for the first time online?


If you can be the best of you online, staying authentic but showing yourself in the most positive way, that is going to be very powerful. It attracts people in your world.

OWN THE ZOOM and OWN THE ZOOM PRO (coming soon) are our online interactive workshops are for anyone wanting to:


  • Influence during online meetings.

  • Succeed at online Job Interviews.

  • Make yourself heard with groups online.

  • Improve confidence and speaking skills in front of a camera.

  • Collaborate more seamlessly using Zoom (other online video platforms are available), the popular video conferencing tool.


During this workshop we will also provide ‘live’ feedback and share top tips on how to enhance your online presence, visual appeal and impact with groups.

No upcoming events at the moment
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