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Whether you want to take to the stage or just feel confident in meetings - our dynamic, responsive programme helps you tackle common issues such as stage fright and impostor syndrome, helps you hone your skills and work with other speakers.

Own the Room membership options start at just £180 including one to one  virtual coaching & face to face group sessions.

"Being part of 3Di has given me the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful public speaker and given me confidence I never knew existed. The coaches are patient and only want the best for you. 3Di is also a community that celebrates each other’s successes and helps build a network through peer support too – we are a supportive family."

| Zoe Burnett, Lincoln |


We know that sometimes it's hard to figure out where you're going. Whether you need career encouragement, life coaching or business and leadership development support, we'll be your critical friends and biggest cheerleaders on your journey to find your "why" and move forward towards your best life. 

Your 3 Degrees packages start at £197 and include one to one virtual or face to face coaching (depending on location)

"I had been praying to find a group of mentors who would be able to help me turn my abilities into marketable skills. People who would show compassion, understanding but who had the knowledge to help me grow. What I have found in 3Di is way beyond any answer I was expecting. I thank my lucky stars everyday, that I am in the company of such amazing teachers"

| Tanya Akrofi, Lincoln |

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


We know that you might need some tailored support outside of our membership options, so we've created some awesome workshops for businesses and organisations to help develop their human capital.

Our Workshops start at just £49 per person but are booked for groups with a 10 participant minimum and a maximum of 15 participants.

Own The Stage
Creative Business
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